Adam’s Lot – a first novel

Adam’s Lot is a novel about a troubled child growing up in the UK of the 1960s, his awkward adolescence during the 1970s, and his tentative first cracks at adulthood in the early 1980s.

Adam's Lot cover

It deals with the ‘difficult’ subject matters of children’s mental health, boarding schools and dogmatic public institutions. It is a book intended to inform and provoke rather than entertain, but ends with a philosophical optimism. It is my genuine hope that Adam’s Lot will prove to be of use in our troubled world.

The novel may be purchased on

Feedback will be gratefully received.

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Give a woman a chisel…

Passing by the kitchen, I noticed Loli repeatedly stabbing a piece of wood with a screwdriver. Intrigued, I asked her (WTF!) she was doing. “I am carving an owl” she said.

I had no idea as to why she suddenly felt the urge to carve, nor what led her to believe that a screwdriver was an appropriate carving tool, but remembered that I owned a set of wood-carving chisels, unused since I had concluded that carving wood was not my metier, and set off to find them. Continue reading

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Are we completely mad?

The only thing that matters is the monetary system. It matters more than any person, business, national economy or sovereign state. In order to preserve this (privately owned and run) monetary system politicians everywhere must lay aside their duty of care to their constituents and instead accede to the demands of an unaccountable financial oligarchy.

With their monopoly over all global currencies, a money-creating financial ‘elite’ have the power to make or break any sovereign state they wish, impose or unseat any regime of their choosing, embolden or undermine any economy at will and determine governmental policies as most benefits their own private interests. Their goal is simple: to own and control everyone and everything throughout the world, and the monetary system they designed and have foisted upon is guaranteed, in time, to produce exactly that end result. Continue reading

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