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Adam’s Lot – a first novel

Adam’s Lot is a novel about a troubled child growing up in the UK of the 1960s, his awkward adolescence during the 1970s, and his tentative first cracks at adulthood in the early 1980s. It deals with the ‘difficult’ subject … Continue reading

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Recent Paintings


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Give a woman a chisel…

Passing by the kitchen, I noticed Loli repeatedly stabbing a piece of wood with a screwdriver. Intrigued, I asked her (WTF!) she was doing. “I am carving an owl” she said. I had no idea as to why she suddenly … Continue reading

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Are we completely mad?

The only thing that matters is the monetary system. It matters more than any person, business, national economy or sovereign state. In order to preserve this (privately owned and run) monetary system politicians everywhere must lay aside their duty of … Continue reading

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