Are we completely mad?

The only thing that matters is the monetary system. It matters more than any person, business, national economy or sovereign state. In order to preserve this (privately owned and run) monetary system politicians everywhere must lay aside their duty of care to their constituents and instead accede to the demands of an unaccountable financial oligarchy.

With their monopoly over all global currencies, a money-creating financial ‘elite’ have the power to make or break any sovereign state they wish, impose or unseat any regime of their choosing, embolden or undermine any economy at will and determine governmental policies as most benefits their own private interests. Their goal is simple: to own and control everyone and everything throughout the world, and the monetary system they designed and have foisted upon is guaranteed, in time, to produce exactly that end result.

It is a fact that 97% of all ‘money’ in existence is ‘created’ by a privately-owned banking system as interest-bearing debt. Backed by nothing more than a signed IOU, this debt invariably takes the form of a ledger entry in a computer – a bunch of ones and zeroes placed in a spreadsheet column – and ‘legalised’ by government decree, via the threat of state-sponsored violence should the promise to repay be violated for whatever reason.

It used to be that bankers would fund armies to cross borders to loot resources. Now the armies are no longer needed as the looting is simply accomplished by debt entrapment. Debt is created out of thin air and launched with nothing more than the flourish of a pen – no missile or bomb required – and hey presto: an Inter-Continental-Wealth-Depletion-Device is magically conjured up in a financial spreadsheet and launched from a mainframe on Wall Street to extract resources <em>ad infinitum</em> from its victim, duly enforced by complicit bureaucrats.

Take Greece, for example: is the sanctity of debt (remember, fabricated out of thin air by a private oligarchy for its own gain) more important than the collective good of an entire people? Is the suffering and misery of the Greek people a ‘price’ worth paying to satisfy the greed of its banking overlords, disguised as their ‘lawful’ need to assure that one column of ones and zeroes perfectly matches another column of ones and zeroes in a digital ether? Is the rise of HIV infection and the reappearance of Malaria a just and reasonable consequence of that nation’s failure to simply mirror its ethereal ones and zeroes? Was the wholesale disintegration of its economy and the loss of its productive class a worthwhile price to pay for the integrity of an Excel spreadsheet – nothing more real than an assortment of doped sand particles residing in a basement in Frankfurt?

You’ve got to be kidding me, right?

Is the ongoing irradiation of the Pacific Ocean, together with all life contained within it, and that of the entire Japanese people a price worth paying to defend the immutability of a few ones and zeroes – primarily the stock market price of private corporations such as TEPCO and GE – not to mention the already two decades (and still counting) of economic stagnation and demographic distress their unquestioning obedience to this system of out-of-thin-air debt has already caused?

You’ve got to be kidding me, right?

Or in Spain, or Ireland, where entire families are expelled from their homes and tossed into the gutter such that a financial entity may exploit these hallowed ‘ones and zeroes’ to acquire real bricks and mortar (produced by genuine labour) as an inalienable right, brutally enforced by subservient politicians in a compassion-free show of ‘lawful’ power? Where a citizen who steals from a bank is rewarded with jail time, whilst the banker who steals from an entire nation is not only unsanctioned but rewarded with a bonus – all in the name of maintaining a mere protocol?

You’ve got to be kidding me, right?

Sadly, there is no kidding going on. The truth of the matter is that an international banking cartel bribes sovereign governments everywhere to enshrine in law their private currency as the only permissible ‘money’, saying “You enforce our debt-based system and we’ll ensure your survival… otherwise we’ll destroy your country, steal everything and happily watch your citizens starve. Ok?”

Now you know why your politicians are corrupt.

Our societies are bound by laws written by men, enforced by uniform and sanctioned by threat of violence. Our morals, on the other hand, are the product of cooperation and accordance, observation and reason, the slow evolution of mutuality as a means of good governance and order.

My question, therefore, is why do we hold the former as superior to the latter? Are we completely mad?

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